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  • women*s Health

    Restoring the health of women in a rehabilitation center «Healthy movement» - an effective alternative to hormone therapy or surgery

  • Children*s program

    The principle of static and dynamic loads in the development of children*s programs kinesitherapy Method of treatment

  • Functional rehabilitation

    Kinesitherapy assigned to one of the leading roles in the functional rehabilitation

  • spine Health

    spine disease

All diseases

Why choose us:

  • Modern diagnostics

    The treatment of any disease begins with the initial patient examination and consultation on the proposed treatment of the identified disease

  • Proven Treatments

    The rehabilitation -diagnosticheskom cent «Healthy movement» are only effective methods of treatment of diseases of the spine ...

  • Better treatment

    Methods of kinesitherapy is, perhaps , the only known method of combating diseases of the spine and joints , which guarantees 100 % positive ...


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